[runescape]Ninja Update November 30, 2018 2:45 AM

By : carol

Kal'Gerion demons can now be damaged while charging their special move.Shortened challenge scroll lead up dialogue with Izzy No Beard after the first time you've done the clue.Hidey holes can now be filled while the objects to store are still worn.Mutated barge, fury and flurry codex drops will now broadcast to friends.

Messages noting urn partial fill thresholds are now caught by the chat spam filter.Ali Morrisane has a right-click Trade option, which bypasses a lot of dialogue and allows quicker access to the shops.It is now possible to close the on screen Treasure Hunter button when you have other interfaces open.Arcane, elysian and divine spirit shields now list their passive effect on the object tooltip.

Moved the ready and leave options on the Dungeoneering floor complete interface to larger more obvious buttons on the bottom.Toned down the amount of fireworks displayed when levelling multiple skills to milestones simultaneously.Increased the pack yak's summoned timer from 58 to 64 minutes, to better account for instance length handling.Aquarium building materials obtained from prawn balls may now be disassembled.

Araxxi's fangs, webs and eyes may now be disassembled.Attempting to open the door behind a locked door glyph in Daemonheim now unlocks the door (provided your party has its key) instead of tellingyou that you can't reach the door.Resource information in now shown on the each of the Wushanko regions on the Ports Management interface.

Multi-bite foods once again show healing information on their tooltips.Bleeds will no longer deal 1 damage on their first hit in PvP.Kal'gerion demons can now be damaged while charging their special move.Instance creation player limitation now works correctly for certain boss fights.

The Tsunami ability now casts in the direction of your target rather than in the direction you are facing.It is no longer possible to restore negative prayer points using spirit prayer pigs.The Provoke ability can no longer be queued whilst queuing isn't active.Removed some blocking which prevent Araxxor from being able to move between phase 2 and 3, whilst on path 3.

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