O' Dochartaigh Tartan April 02, 2018 6:07 PM

By : Michael

Hello, cousins does anyone have an interest in coming up with a Tartan strictly for our Clan?  I've checked into it and it appears to be doable.  I've found a Doherty Tartan that was made for a Doherty Wedding and is officially recognised as a personal Tartan for that particular event and Family.

I know that the Donegal Tartan would be the Tartan we would wear however, there are Irish Clans which have their own unique Tartans and I see no reason a Great. Clan like ours shouldn't be one of them.

If I'm out of line it's out of pure pride in being a Dougherty and wanting to show our colors to the rest of the Gaelic/Celtic world.


Michael Dougherty

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