Doherty Homelands


We Dohertys most definitely have our roots in Donegal and the Inishowen Peninsula in particular being our spiritual home. The towns and villages of this beautiful peninsula in the north of Co. Donegal have long been associated with the Doherty Clan heritage and there is a distinct pride of place that all Dohertys connected to Inishowen have. The stunning coastal scenery of this part of Donegal is a sight to behold and any Doherty who has not yet visited really should put Inishowen on their list of places to travel to.


But our ancestors also branched out into all corners of the island of Ireland, establishing strongholds and locations that will forever be connected to the Doherty name. The neighbouring county of Derry for example has strong links to the Doherty Clan and apart from Derry City itself with its historic past, the entire region of Derry is worth exploring for Doherty heritage.


And from the northern counties of Donegal and Derry to the extreme southern county of Kerry, the Doherty Clan influence has travelled the full length of Ireland. It is said that the Doherty name in Co. Kerry has its roots in an event which occurred in 1601. The O’Doherty Clan were marching with the army of O’Neill which was making its way to Kinsale to assist the Spanish forces that were infamously planning to land there.

Prior to the ill-fated Spanish invasion floundering off the Irish coast, the O’Dohertys set up camp in Kerry and some chose to remain behind in the region in order to assist the local chiefs and subsequently stayed in the area in favour of returning to Donegal.